The Empowerment of the Crone

Application and Information Page

Here we’ve brought together all you need to apply for the course and to check your course and payment dates. Below you will see a number of buttons and there is information below that. If you have any problems or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

There are no new dates for this course in 2018-19, but the course may run again in 2019-20 – do check back later!


How to apply for the course:

Online application: Simply complete and click “send” on the online form. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

PDF application: You need to print out the PDF form, then complete it by hand and return to us at the address on the form.

By post: If you can’t use this option or the online application form please click on the “request application form by post” button, above, and we can send you a form to complete.

Your application will be considered by the tutor, who reserves the right to select intuitively those who will best benefit from this training at this time.

As soon as you have been accepted onto the course, and by 20th September 2017 at the latest, please send us your £100 non-refundable deposit – you can do this via the payments section below, or by cheque. The balance is due in full at the beginning of the course, or in monthly instalments from 14th October 2017 by standing order, post-dated cheques, or by using the payments page below. Please make cheques out to Glastonbury Goddess Temple.

If you wish to pay in full for a course, please contact us for instructions.

Below is the payment section. From here you can send your deposit and set up monthly payments for the course, but please don’t send any money until you have been accepted onto the course.

All instalment payments include a £35 one-off fee.

When you have been accepted onto the course please send in your non-refundable deposit of £100 before 20th September 2017, as cash, cheque, or online by paypal. The balance is due in full at the beginning of the course or in 5 monthly instalments of £97.00, beginning 14th October 2017, payable by standing order, post-dated cheques, or PayPal.


If you prefer to pay by standing order you can download one here.

You can pay your deposit below:

You can set up instalments here:

Please note that PayPal doesn’t offer us a way to set the dates of payments, so the payment date will become the date you click on “Make Payment” – don’t click until you’re ready!

Leaving the course

Occasionally participants decide to leave the course for personal reasons. Students who pay for the whole course in advance and leave the course before the Second Circle receive a refund of the full fee minus the deposit and the payment for the first training weekend. There is no refund after the Second Circle weekend has been taken.

Students who pay by instalments and leave the course before the Second Circle do not receive a refund, but pay up to and including the month in which they inform the tutor that they are not continuing the course. Students who leave the course after the Second Circle are expected to complete all instalment payments, as their place has been reserved for them for the duration of the course.