From Ancient Roots to the present:
Bringing Goddess alive in Her World

with Kathy Jones, Priestess of Avalon


We are recording every session of Kathy’s presentations – new buttons will appear on this page under each session once the recordings are ready to view.

Week One: Thursday 21 May, 4:00pm BST

Images of Goddess from Ancient Times

A live presentation and discussion introducing you to some of the many thousands of Goddess figurines and images created by our Goddess-loving ancestors across Europe and Asia. Of all the figurines found by archaeologists 99% are female images. Why is this and what does it tell us about the beliefs and understanding of your ancestors about the Source of Life?

Week Two: Thursday 28 May, 4:00pm BST

Goddess Temples in the Ancient World and the Present Day

A live presentation and discussion on the many Goddess Temples which were created in the ancient world in celebration of Goddess, from the sacred caves of France and Spain to Anatolia and Malta. Plus examples of modern day Goddess Temples being created now in many lands.

Week Three: Thursday 4 June, 4:00pm BST

The Lady of Avalon, Glastonbury and the Isle of Avalon

The Isle of Avalon is the Sacred and Ever Present Land of Goddess. The small country town of Glastonbury in Somerset, England is a gateway to the Isle of Avalon where Goddess is celebrated as Lady of Avalon. Live presentation and discussion on the Sacred Landscape of Glastonbury/Avalon and how can experience Goddess here today in many different ways.

Week Four: Thursday 11 June 4:00pm BST

Bringing MotherWorld into Being

MotherWorld is the society which places Mother Earth, mothers and the values of mothering and caring in the centre of our lives. In these changing times everyone is recognising the importance of all those who care for other people, who give of themselves, for the good of others. We have a powerful opportunity now to not return to the old ‘normal’ ways of living, but to change how we do everything as individuals and as communities.