Priestess and Priest of Cerridwen

Interactive Online Spiral One Training

Bee Helygen, Priestess of Cerridwen, will be taking a break from teaching the First Spiral of the Priestess of Cerridwen Training for Goddess Temple Teachings, which would normally begin at Samhain 2021 for 2021-2022. 

Bee will teach the Second Spiral from 2021-2022.

Meanwhile we are leaving details of Spiral One online for information. 

with Bee Helygen

Priestess of Cerridwen, Priestess of Avalon

For this online course all students need to be able to access online training materials in the form of:

Emails – individual and group, a FaceBook private group, Zoom, Youtube, printed materials, videos and recordings.

Group Tutorials will be given once a month in a 3 hour session via Zoom.

Individual one hour tutor-led sessions will be given to each student once every four weeks, also via Zoom. Tutor sessions are arranged by mutual agreement and are a requirement for the successful completion of the course.

This course is modular, you will receive nine booklets of material with information about the aspect and homework instructions, nine journeys to the Otherworld to meet Cerridwen in Her aspects, a video each cycle including herb lore/crystal healing/sacred listening instructions and audio recordings of stories, poems, seasonal songs, seminars by guest speakers. We may also include an ethically sourced crystal for the season.

For details of full course content see the information on the Glastonbury in-person Priestess of Cerridwen course pages.

At the end of this First Spiral students dedicate as Sisters/Brothers/Devotees of Cerridwen.

Completion of all requested tasks is required to successfully dedicate at the end of this first year as a Sister/Brother/Devotee of Cerridwen. Work can be evidenced in the form of video & audio recordings, writing in prose and poetry, photographs, drawings, songs, crafting.

Missed homework will be discussed during tutor sessions. Please be aware that there will not be any blaming or shaming you if you have missed work, however work must be completed to finish the course.

Soul Expansion

This training, if taken with an open mind and an open heart, will lead to your soul expansion which will manifest in your daily life through an Empowerment and Connection to your Priestess or Priest Self.

The Goddess will place your feet on the path towards your sovereignty. She will guide you, shine Her light on you and give you peace if you follow where She leads you – your inner knowing – your unity with the natural world – your ability to live in harmony with AllKind.


You choose to be the light for all in the darkness. You choose to be unconditional and unending love, starting with yourself, those close to you, your local community and the the global family of allies of the Great Mother Cerridwen.

You choose to be a celebrant, a ceremonialist, a sacred listener, a seer, an oracle, a healer of soul and body, a death priestess, a sacred soul midwife™, a Temple Priestess, individually or all of the above.

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