Sacred Birthkeeper Course Dates & Details: 2020

Imbolc Circle 1st/2nd February 2020

Virgin Mother

Exploration of the role of the Sacred Birthkeeper. Discovering sacred ways to support fertility, moon cycles, conscious conception and early pregnancy.

Spring Equinox Circle 21st/ 22nd March 2020

Mother of Fire

Warmth, heat and empowerment. Re-kindling the flame of the Sacred Birthkeeper. Supporting decision making in mid-pregnancy.

Beltane Circle 25th/ 26th April 2020

Blossoming Mother

Love hormones, sexuality and honouring of our bodies. Creating meaningful blessing ceremonies for mothers and gathering the women and the community for the journey ahead. 

Summer Solstice Circle 20th/21st June 2020

Mother of Water

Diving deep into the instinctive and emotional states of late pregnancy. Honouring the sacred fluids of blood, birth waters and milk.

Lammas Circle 25th/26th July 2020

Birthing Mother

Sacred space holding for birthing women. Journeying to the thresholds and the edge places, opening the gateway for birth. Protection, prayers and boundaries.

Autumn Equinox Circle 5th/6th September 2020

Mother of Earth

Nurturing, supporting and honouring the newborn mother. Closing, wrapping and rocking. Nourishing and resting the body and soul.

Samhain Circle 24th/ 25th October 2020

The Grieving Mother

Meeting the wounds of grief, loss, trauma and depression in all their many forms. Simple ceremonies for release and healing. 

Winter Solstice Circle 5th/ 6th December 2020

Mother of Air

Sacred ceremony to dedicate yourself as a Sacred Birthkeeper. Celebration of all we have journeyed through and birthed together over the year.